An Unschooling Response to Summer Boredom


For schooled kids, summer vacation has begun. Along with it are plenty of mainstream articles advising kids and parents how to deal with summer boredom. If these types of articles haven’t crossed your path, you can find some of them by googling “Summer boredom”. I recently read this article, entitled, To Be More Self Reliant,…

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Radical Unschooling as Extended Attachment Parenting


Unschooling follows attachment parenting naturally. All too often, I see parents who are gentle and tuned in to their babies, but as the kids get older, they lose that gentle connection. There is a constant tug-of-war between what parents want their kids to be doing and what the kids want to be doing. Often, the…

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Unschooling: How to get started


So you’ve learned all the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state or country, and you’ve pulled your child from school. You want to unschool, and you know that unschoolers don’t use curriculum because learning happens all the time. You also know that unschooling works best when parents provide a safe, happy life where kids…

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I’m an unschooling mom, but I have needs too!

What about Mom's needs-

As radical unschoolers, one of our big jobs is meeting our kids’ needs. When they cry, we comfort them. When they fight, we help them work things out. When they’re hungry, we feed them. When they’re tired, we snuggle them. When they’re fascinated and curious, we research until we find them the most awesome resources…

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Unschoolers and Socialization


If this blog post was answering the “What about socialization” question that homeschoolers are so often asked, the answer would be pretty much the same as every other blog post that addresses that. Homeschooled kids get out in the community, they interact with people of all ages, the socialization out in the real world is…

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My Love Letter to New Unschoolers


Dear Brand New Unschooler, I see you there, with a child you just pulled out of school. You’ve read about unschooling. You think it has merit and you want to give it a try. But it’s scary. You want the very best for your child. School wasn’t the best for him, but you’re so worried…

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If my child chooses to do curriculum, I’m still an unschooler, right?


I get asked this a lot. “We use curriculum, but my kids chose it. So we’re still unschoolers, right?” Unschoolers trust in the natural learning ability of humans, which is why they don’t force their kids to use curriculum. Children can be trusted to learn what they need, when they need it. Forcing kids to…

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Why Unschoolers Don’t make their Kids Use Curriculum


Unschoolers don’t make their kids use curriculum or force them to use educational materials. But why? What is wrong with making them do a math worksheet or write spelling words now and then? What is wrong with making them watch a documentary or read for half an hour each day? Unschooler isn’t just a cool…

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Common Core Math isn’t the Problem.


Everyone, it seems, dislikes common core math. There are pictures of ridiculous common core math problems posted all over Facebook all the time. The discussions are usually the same: If I can’t help my second grader do his math homework, there’s a problem! Yet another reason to homeschool! Dumbing down of America! They’re calling the…

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Radical Unschooling is Hard


It’s interesting how different people have different perceptions of unschooling. I’ve had people tell me that unschooling is for people who are too lazy to get their kids out of bed in the morning and make them do their homework in the evenings. Comments like that show that the speaker knows nothing about everything that…

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