Mostly, I love selling on Amazon. Because of Amazon, Randy was able to retire early, and we had our first taste of unjobbing success. But today was one of those days that reminds me how important it is to not have all of our eggs in Amazon’s basket. Just as we pulled up to a cafe where we were meeting some other unschoolers for a playdate, we got a policy violation. If you aren’t familiar with selling on Amazon, you don’t know the terror that the red flag on top of your seller page can make you feel. Amazon does sometimes suspend sellers, and even when you do everything by the book, it is scary that almost everything we are counting on financially is dependent on not getting suspended.

It was an “Infringement on intellectual property rights” on a pair of earphones. We didn’t infringe on anyone’s rights, and instead of hanging out with our unschooling friends, I spent the first hour and a half of in a corner by myself writing a letter to Amazon to disupute the accusation while Randy was at home finding the receipt that we needed for proof.

I’m grateful I had my laptop along with me, that I was in a cafe with a big comfy couch in a private corner, and that there was good, reliable wifi. I’m grateful that my daughter and I were together so that one of us could deal with this while the other stayed with the kids to make sure they had a good time with their friends.

It’s not having to work instead of play that is the big deal here. It’s that the universe made this message very clear to me today: Continue building our Amazon business, continue being grateful for our Amazon business, but build other streams of income as well. We don’t want to be so dependent on this one stream.

I ordered myself a delicious chocolate covered strawberry latte and went to see my grandkids in the play area. And as if the Universe wanted to give me another visual reminder of the importance of multiple streams of income, Tripp had built a “bridge” and a “rainbow river” and asked me to take a picture of his teddy bear sitting on top of it. See the multiple rainbow-colored streams?