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As is the case with many new parents, when I became a mom for the first time, I was determined to be the best mom I could possibly be.  I researched everything, from nutrition to education to healthcare.  Research was a little more difficult back in the early 90's, before my family had Internet.  But I stumbled across a book about homeschooling, which got me thinking that I could help my child learn better at home than if she went to school.  When she was four, my family finally entered the world of computers.  I often say, "There but for the Internet go I".  I found an unschooling message board run by Sandra Dodd, and I will forever be grateful to those who answered all of my devil's advocate-style questions and who never watered down the philosophy of unschooling.

Unschooling my three children became my biggest passion.  In fact, it was my only passion for awhile, and I was also challenged by someone on a message board when she said that it was important for unschooling parents to set an example to their children of following their own passions.

I didn't even know what my passions were.  I had always done what was required and expected of me, without thought to what I wanted. As a child, I had been a good student, a good church member, and a good daughter. As an adult, I was a good wife and parent.  But who was I, outside of those roles?

One day, when I took my kids to the library, I chose books for myself, for no reason other than they looked interesting.  Just as I had learned to do as an unschooling parent, I didn't judge why I was drawn to them...I just said yes to them.  Whenever I had free time and I wasn't online discussing unschooling, I was reading for fun and journaling.  Pretty soon, I started writing stories.  My first novel is on a floppy disc somewhere, never published, probably not worthy of publishing.  But I had written a novel.  I traveled with a friend to New York City to take an art class and learned how passionate I am about traveling.

I continued writing for fun, and one day, after one of the many evenings of reading to my kids and a trip to Cub Scout camp with my son, my writing started being about a boy who could see ghosts. Cellular Spirits, and later, its follow-up, Miss Crazy, were born.

And then came grandkids. Just as I had thrown myself into being an unschooling mom, I threw myself into being an unschooling grandma. I began reading in unschooling groups how many unschooling parents were frustrated to not have the support of grandparents, and Dear Grandma: Your Grandkids are Unschoolers was born.

While writing Dear Grandma, I was also pouring myself into growing our Amazon business and supporting my adult daughter's creativity as she developed her business making and selling bath products, makeup and more. (Check out her Etsy shop here.)

More books and other unschooling support materials are telling me they're ready to be written now, and as I worked on re-doing my website and blog, I looked over some of the journaling I've been doing and realized that a new passion is now in my life, ready to be shared with the world: Unjobbing.

We aren't in business solely for the reason of making money. It's more about creating a lifestyle where we can pursue our passions. If the children in our family are unschoolers, it makes sense that the adults would be unjobbers.

I've added a separate blog to my website that is simply a journal where I can share my day to day struggles and victories, the day-to-day details that make this unjobbing lifestyle work for us, and all my musings and ponderings. The unjobbing blog is here. The first post in my Unjobbing Journal, where I write about why I'm blogging about it, is here:

I'm continuing to blog about unschooling here.

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