Living as if School Doesn’t Exist

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Unschoolers live as if such a thing as school doesn’t exist. We know that school isn’t necessary for learning. It sounds simple. No lesson plans. No grades. No tests. No curriculum. But for those who are used to thinking in terms of planning a kid’s day with programs, lessons, assignments, and schedules, it might be […]

An Unschooling Response to Summer Boredom

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For schooled kids, summer vacation has begun. Along with it are plenty of mainstream articles advising kids and parents how to deal with summer boredom. If these types of articles haven’t crossed your path, you can find some of them by googling “Summer boredom”. I recently read this article, entitled, To Be More Self Reliant, […]

I’m an unschooling mom, but I have needs too!

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As radical unschoolers, one of our big jobs is meeting our kids’ needs. When they cry, we comfort them. When they fight, we help them work things out. When they’re hungry, we feed them. When they’re tired, we snuggle them. When they’re fascinated and curious, we research until we find them the most awesome resources […]

What if All they want to do is Play Video Games?

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“Easy for you to say unschooling works,” someone told me. “Your kids are interested in academic things. You don’t know my kids. If I unschooled, all my kids would do is play video games all day.” To which I can only laugh. Because, you see, I could spin it two ways. I could tell you […]

Not pushing kids

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The Unschooling Book Club has been reading and discussing John Holt’s How Children Learn. In the book, Holt took a little boy swimming, and, in contrast to a dad who tried to force his kids into swimming the way he wanted them to learn, Holt did exactly what the child wanted to do without pushing […]

Spending Money on Unschooled Kids

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I usually am emphasizing to people that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to successfully unschool. Yes, you can do it on one income. Yes, even single moms often find ways to make it work. There are ways to be frugal. So on that level, it seems odd for me to be […]

Happy Anniversary to us!

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My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We married young, him 20 and me 18. We lived in a run-down apartment that cost $250 a month, which included water, heat, sewer, and trash. That was cheap even in 1990. Not long after our third Christmas together, our first child was born and […]