Unjobbing Journal

A sign from the Universe: Build Multiple Streams of Income

Mostly, I love selling on Amazon. Because of Amazon, Randy was able to retire early, and we had our first taste of unjobbing success. But today was one of those days that reminds me how important it is to not have all of our eggs in Amazon’s basket. Just as we pulled up to a cafe where we were meeting some other unschoolers for a playdate, we got a policy violation. If you aren’t familiar with selling on Amazon, you don’t know...

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The Unjobbing Journal Begins

I’m sitting on an airplane flying home from San Antonio, where my sons went to PAX south. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for this trip, that I was able to help feed their passions for video games and expand their worlds. This was not only their first time flying, but mine, too, and I’m grateful that we all had this experience. I love to travel, and I’ve never had the experience to travel this far from home before....

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