Living as if School Doesn’t Exist

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Unschoolers live as if such a thing as school doesn’t exist. We know that school isn’t necessary for learning. It sounds simple. No lesson plans. No grades. No tests. No curriculum. But for those who are used to thinking in terms of planning a kid’s day with programs, lessons, assignments, and schedules, it might be […]

How Unschoolers Learn to Spell

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People are often intrigued by unschooling, but worry about “the basics”. After all, they have memories of being drilled and forced to memorize words for spelling tests and then having to write the words they spelled wrong. They didn’t particularly love those spelling tests or the hand cramps from all the writing, but it was […]

School isn’t Necessary for Learning

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When someone who has never considered the concept of unschooling first hears about kids having no lessons and no curriculum, sometimes the initial reaction is shock. It has been pounded into our collective heads for so long that school is necessary for learning. “What, just leave them to be illiterate with no skills so that […]

Radical Unschooling: Is it for Everyone?

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Is Radical Unschooling for everyone? Absolutely. It is absolutely the best choice for every child. No, I don’t believe that it’s great for some kids but not for others. No, I don’t believe some kids need to have school or arbitrary rules imposed on them. Every child deserves the freedom and respect of directing their […]

An Unschooling Response to Summer Boredom

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For schooled kids, summer vacation has begun. Along with it are plenty of mainstream articles advising kids and parents how to deal with summer boredom. If these types of articles haven’t crossed your path, you can find some of them by googling “Summer boredom”. I recently read this article, entitled, To Be More Self Reliant, […]

Unschooling: How to get started

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So you’ve learned all the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state or country, and you’ve pulled your child from school. You want to unschool, and you know that unschoolers don’t use curriculum because learning happens all the time. You also know that unschooling works best when parents provide a safe, happy life where kids […]

Unschoolers and Socialization

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If this blog post was answering the “What about socialization” question that homeschoolers are so often asked, the answer would be pretty much the same as every other blog post that addresses that. Homeschooled kids get out in the community, they interact with people of all ages, the socialization out in the real world is […]

If my child chooses to do curriculum, I’m still an unschooler, right?

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I get asked this a lot. “We use curriculum, but my kids chose it. So we’re still unschoolers, right?” Unschoolers trust in the natural learning ability of humans, which is why they don’t force their kids to use curriculum. Children can be trusted to learn what they need, when they need it. Forcing kids to […]