Fiction for Kids

Fiction for Kids

I have three passions: My family, unschooling, and writing.

It's inevitable that my writing and unschooling overlap. My first two books feature unschoolers as main characters. A third book in the series, as well as a non-fiction book, is in the works!


In Cellular Spirits, Twelve-year-old Eric Achak can see ghosts. He thinks he's the only one who has this problem until he meets Mr. Francis, who not only can see them but has developed a ghost-catching app that sucks ghosts into cell phones. Problem solved. Until he has new, bigger problems. Black Mist, leader of the Shadow Ghosts, is willing to do anything to get his hands on the captured ghosts in the phones. When a Shadow Ghost turns someone Eric cares about into a ghost, Eric knows he has to find a way to overcome his fears and work with his family to help Mr. Francis reverse the ghost-catching app and free the ghosts.

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The adventures continue in Miss Crazy. In Cellular Spirits, Eric Achak used his cell phone's ghost catching app to capture an annoying, crazy ghost. At the time, he didn't know that Miss Crazy has a story of her own. Rose is sixteen and in love with John, a Union soldier. He is killed in front of her during the Battle of Gettysburg, right before a bullet takes her own life. Soon after her spirit is released from the phone, Yama, the hippie Grim Reaper, gives her a dangerous mission: to retrieve stolen exorcist swords from Black Mist, leader of the Shadow Ghosts. But the mission is sidetracked when she discovers her long-lost love is also a ghost. Black Mist makes an offer she doesn't want to refuse: eternity with John in the exciting Shadow Kingdom in exchange for their allegiance to him. Could Black Mist be as bad as Yama says if he is offering her so many wonderful things?

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Author Talks and Writing Workshops

I offer author talks and unschooling-friendly writing workshops for both kids and adults. In these sessions, I talk about how I get ideas for my fiction, how I improved myself as a writer, and what it's like to work with editors and artists. Then I walk you through some fun writing exercises to get you writing, too.

My writing workshops are great for any group of people who are interested in books and writing, including homeschool groups, Scout groups, and children's museum or library programs.

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