Living as if School Doesn’t Exist

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Unschoolers live as if such a thing as school doesn’t exist. We know that school isn’t necessary for learning. It sounds simple. No lesson plans. No grades. No tests. No curriculum. But for those who are used to thinking in terms of planning a kid’s day with programs, lessons, assignments, and schedules, it might be […]

Radical Unschooling as Extended Attachment Parenting

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Unschooling follows attachment parenting naturally. All too often, I see parents who are gentle and tuned in to their babies, but as the kids get older, they lose that gentle connection. There is a constant tug-of-war between what parents want their kids to be doing and what the kids want to be doing. Often, the […]

The difference between unschooling and relaxed homeschooling explained with cookie baking

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If you read about homeschooling and unschooling long enough, you’ll inevitably see cookie baking used as an example of natural learning. Some people will describe it as an example of unschooling, and it can be. Other people say things like, “We use curriculum but do some unschooling” (and then talk about cookie baking). Or they’ll […]

Not pushing kids

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The Unschooling Book Club has been reading and discussing John Holt’s How Children Learn. In the book, Holt took a little boy swimming, and, in contrast to a dad who tried to force his kids into swimming the way he wanted them to learn, Holt did exactly what the child wanted to do without pushing […]