Unschooling and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.  

In a study of grown unschoolers by Harvard researcher Peter Gray, a high percentage of grown unschoolers were entrepreneurs. A high percentage were also pursuing careers in the creative arts. (You can find out more about that study here.)

This certainly rings true of my family. None of my children have any desire to pursue a traditional job. And unschooling has changed my husband and I in many positive ways, including our desire to pursue entrepreneurship.

But we don't simply pursue business for the sake of owning a business. We pursue business in order to pursue our passions as adults just as we help our children do as unschoolers. The children are unschoolers, the adults are unjobbers.

Join me as I blog about this journey in my Unjobbing Journal.

My daughter is a grown unschooler pursuing her passions by creating bath products, makeup, and more!

Check out her etsy shop: AlexAndIsaacSoaps 

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