Unschooling Products and Support

Unschooling Products and Support

Dear Grandma: Your Grandkids are Unschoolers is for anyone (not just Grandma!) who loves unschooling kids and wants to understand unschooling better. Hand this to any concerned friends or family who doesn't understand your unschooling (or radical unschooling!) way of living and learning.

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Speaking About Unschooling

I do presentations for groups about any aspect of unschooling. Whether your group is looking for someone to help people understand the basics of unschooling, how to get started, unschooling teens, or anything in between, I would love to be that resource person for you.

I also have a passion for helping grandparents understand unschooling, and am working on a book about unschooling for grandparents that will hopefully be published this fall. That's a favorite topic for me to speak on.

Contact me at sheilabaranoski@gmail.com


I host a free facebook group where we discuss books about the unschooling philosophy. Come join us here!